A flexible coffee maker for any need

OEM custom-design

Kirk Electronics’ classic KM6-2 can be supplied in a large variety of combinations,
colours and custom-designed solutions. The coffee maker can be delivered with anodised aluminium
surfaces or a powder coated version with unique branding so it matches any brand in the transport,
contracting or agricultural sectors where you may wish to use it.

At Kirk Electronic we are ready to talk about how our popular coffee maker can be custom-designed
to match your wishes and needs. Get in touch and hear about the possibilities

Kirk Electronic KM6-2 makes great coffee

no matter where it’s used

Kirk Electronics has sold more than 200,000 KM6-2s. It is used in the transport sector,
by contractors and farmers where heavy road bumps and severe rattling is a constant test
of its robustness and durability – the coffee maker never fails.

Fits all types of vehicles

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Easy to use

Attention to detail

Robust and safe under all conditions

OEM solutions