What do the users say?

“I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, when I wake up in the truck, and with the Kirk coffee maker I can programme it so the coffee is ready, as soon as I open my eyes..”
Steef Hendriks, Holland, Scania R series

“Cool design is important to me – my truck is my second home, and it means something to me how things look. My Kirk coffee maker is robust, durable and easy to mount and in addition to this, it fits my interior perfectly.”
Per Jensen, Denmark, Mercedes 2653 Giga Space

“I can buy coffee at any gas station when I’m on the road, but it is expensive and I often have to wait to be served. With my Kirk coffee maker, I can get relatively inexpensive quality coffee compared to what I’m paying at the gas stations. And I can get it whenever I want it..”
Kristian Hinnerup, Denmark, Mercedes Actros 2563

“The Kirk-coffee maker is fast. It only takes me ten minutes to brew a fresh pot of coffee, and that is just what I need on a cold night on the road.”
Peer Kimenai, Holland, Volvo FH4

Kirk Electronic KM6-2 works under all conditions

And can be fitted to your vehicle

Regardless of you are driving a truck, a tractor or any other type of vehicle